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PCCI has two different Laser Printer service and supply programs to fit your business needs and preferences. Whichever plan you select can be enhanced with our Safe Haven remote monitoring program for the most trouble free operation. Supply levels will be automatically monitored, and replacement supplies will be shipped to you before the ones in the machine become critically low.

Our FPMP – Free Printer Maintenance Agreement – is a unique offering in the Maine business community, and one which can save your business an incredible amount of money and headache. Agree to supply your laser printers with our high-quality replacement toner cartridges that are guaranteed to be below the cost of comparable cartridges from other retail providers, and we’ll provide service to your HP or Lexmark laser printers at no charge. That’s correct! Free maintenance, and there are no time or purchase level commitments for you to maintain!

Cost per Copy “Print” Pricing – works just like our copier pricing. For an agreed upon term PCCI will provide all supplies, labor and parts to maintain your laser printers at one flat price per print. This program is popular with high volume accounts who want a very predictable price to budget against.

Learn more about our Free Printer Maintenance Agreement and Cost Per Copy “Print” Pricing support for your laser printers.

Q. What is the PCCI Cost Per Print Support Program?
A. This is the same agreement under which PCCI maintains ,000s of copiers in many of Maine’s top organizations. You will pay a negotiated rate per page printed and for that PCCI will provide service – parts and labor – and all operating supplies to maintain your HP, Lexmark, Kyocera or Savin/Ricoh laser printers.

Q. How long is the term of the agreement, and what is the price?
A. PCCI will provide service and supply support during the annual term of the Cost Per Copy agreement.

Q. Do I have to save my cartridges for return to PCCI, and is this part of the pricing agreement?
A. No to both.~ Your pricing will not be affected whether you return the cartridge or not.  Your cartridges can be returned to PCCI for recycling or disposal if you wish.

Q. Do I have to purchase a minimum quantity of prints per month during the term of the Cost Per Copy agreement?
A. Generally yes, though the exact amount is flexible and designed to fit your needs. We can waive minimums for large volume accounts.

Q. What about parts?
A. All parts and supplies except paper and staples are covered.

Q. If our printer cannot be quickly repaired can we get a loaner?
A. Yes, and at no charge other than a cost per copy to cover supplies.  If we cannot fix your printer we will replace it – guaranteed.

Q. Okay! ~How do I get more information on this great program?
A. Call or email Charlie Pasquerillo of PCCI. I will assign the proper representative  to your account. ~ (797-7224).


[ LASER PRINTER SALES ] PCCI offers a full range of Kyocera black & white and color laser printers for sale or lease. Kyocera laser printers are simply plug-and-play with standard HP drivers, but Kyocera uses the long-life components found in their copiers to provide much lower cost per print than found on standard cartridge type units.



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