PCCI sells and services digital copiers often called MFD's or Multi Functional Devices

PCCI sells and services digital copiers – often called MFDs or “multi functional devices” – made by [ KYOCERA ] . With MFDs you can choose from options like using your new MFD as a network printer, full color copier or printer with a low cost per page, fax either from the copier or from your computer desktop, and high speed network scanner creating either TIFF or PDF formats. PCCI remotely monitors supply levels, meter readings, and other critical functions through our Safe Haven program. Special software sends this information from the copier through the internet to a server in PCCI’s Forest Ave. headquarters, so that your use of the MFD is as trouble free as possible.

Kyocera is an important Japanese manufacturer known especially for their innovative ceramic coatings technology that provides extraordinarily long life drum and heater roller components for their award winning copiers and printers. Kyocera printers,unique in the industry, use the same low cost per impression pricing that their copiers are famous for.

PCCI also carries a selection of used copiers that we are fully authorized to service and support. And you’ll like our support!
Service manager Jason Burns, recognized as one of the country’s top digital copier technical minds, has surrounded himself with a group of technicians, many of whom have worked with him for 20 years.



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