MSAD #55 Won Over By PCCI Document Technology

Read below how one Maine school district recently updated their office technology with print management software, scanning and OCR services, document storage solutions, and paperless faxing from PCCI.


We are a Southern Maine S.A.D. with a substantial grade 3-12 (1:1) educational device program.  When we put our copier contract out to bid we received very good bids from area vendors.  Our needs not only required reliable and convenient color photo copying but they necessitated full integration with Papercut user and paper management software, scanning and OCR services to network and online user storage, as well as FAX integration with our email/communications system.  To ensure our needs would be met and that the copiers were convenient to use we visited our finalist’s showrooms and experienced demonstrations.  We were won over by PCCI who by using their Toshiba copiers were the only finalist able to fully demonstrate all the integrations and features that were important to our present and future needs.

Now that we are 6 months into our contract I believe we made the right choice in granting PCCI our contract.  PCCI not only had Papercut MF installed in their showroom but helped insure it worked in our environment of 1300+ Apple device and PC users.  Their team helped us setup authenticated Papercut copying, printing, and Air Printing (for iPad) that logs all user actions and printing supplies as well as grants permissions for paper output.  PCCI also setup scanning to office network folders, email, and our online Google Drive accounts as well as configured FAX delivery to our shared office email conference folders.  The Toshiba copiers have identical user interfaces that make it easy for our users to use all our copiers anywhere in the school system.  The PCCI instruction sessions for our staff were very well done and their support for the copiers and integrations has been terrific.

PCCI has helped us in our educational mission to ensure technology safety, standardization, and capacity.  I look forward to our continued partnership in managing and servicing our educational needs.

Charles McLaughlin

Technology Director


MakerBot 3D Printers Now At PCCI

PCCI has recently become an authorized dealer for MakerBot 3D printers. 3D printers are something of a misnomer. The devices are actually computerized manufacturing devices that build items by precisely applying paper thin layers of melted plastics.  If you have never seen a 3D printer this brief video will give you an introduction to this exciting new world of products.

3D printers have a large number of business applications. Some of the most obvious ones are in the making of low-cost, plastic prototypes of items that you may plan to engineer or manufacture. They can also be used for the small scale manufacturing of precise items or to duplicate very valuable items for display so that the original can be kept securely stored. There are unlimited applications that haven’t been thought of yet because the capabilities of this technology are really brand new.

MakerBot 3D printers are a natural extension of PCCI’s product offerings. The devices are electro-mechanical in nature as are the copy machines and laser printers that our technicians work on each day. The precise manufacturing capability of the 3D printer is driven by MakerBot’s MakerWare software that accommodates many existing CAD programs, and the unit can print from scanned measurements that come from the MakerBot 3D scanner. The 3D scanner takes three-dimensional measurements of the item to be replicated and feeds them into MakerBot’s MakerWare software. The skill sets needed to master these capabilities play well to PCCI’s strengths in computer technology.

PCCI has a MakerBot Replicator 2 demonstration unit at its 1024 Forest Ave. Portland, Maine headquarters, and will soon offer 3D printing as part of our CyberCopy division’s product offerings. PCCI plans to provide repairs and technical assistance for the MakerBot products for all Maine businesses from our offices in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor.

Record Year for PCCI


In the middle of November PCCI’s annual sales for 2013 surpassed the previous record sales year of 2012.  In fact sales have grown in excess of 10% annually since the beginning of the recession in 2008 said Brad Burns, President of PCCI.

Part of that growth has come from increased market share from our Augusta and Bangor offices, Augusta Computer Copy Inc. and Bangor Computer Copy Inc..  Additionally, said Burns, I think there several things about PCCI that many customers like.  First, we are a Maine owned and managed business.  We are the only one in the state maintaining offices in all three major locations along the interstate corridor.  Many people like doing business with a Maine company, and while we may not be sponsoring any national sporting events we donate to every not-for-profit organization among the great many in our customer base.  Over the total range of Augusta Computer Copy Inc. Bangor Computer Copy Inc. and Portland Computer Copy Inc. our service response in the field has been coming in consistently at well under 4 hours every month for nearly 10 years.

Also, PCCI recognizes that copiers are just another print device on the network.  We offer support for all the print devices as well as for the PC network itself.  For many customers we are a one stop source for both IT services and print devices.  PCCI is now well known among Maine businesses for its ability to interface digital print, copy, and scan devices with the computer network.

PCCI offers the lowest pricing available to users of all levels.  Some of our national competitors, says Burns, offer loss leader prices to large institutions, but they are usually quite expensive when quoting to normal scale businesses and not for profit organizations.  It is rare on a piece of down the street business when PCCI is not among the most aggressive price quotes received.  We’ve been working at our game a long time, said Burns, and we operate with no debts.  Writing more business is our return on investment.

Comments Wanted


PCCI invites anyone visiting our website to send us their comments on this new site.  We are particularly interested in your thoughts on its ease of use and how well the site conveys to you information on the products and services that we offer.  PCCI provides not only copiers and laser printers from Toshiba and Kyocera, but also print management programs, a full array of IT services including remote network monitoring, and our CyberCopy division offers digital printing in black and white, color, and of large format documents.

Let us know how you found us, and whether or not this website was helpful in your decision making process.

Please send  an e-mail with your comments to .

Thank you.

Brad Burns President Portland Computer Copy Inc.

Toshiba Introduces New Color MFD Lineup


The new Toshiba e-studio 5055c color, multi-functional copier line is coming into stock now at PCCI. Here are the high points of this new lineup:

• Speeds from 25 ppm up to 50 ppm for small offices to large work groups.

• Copy, print, scan, fax in color or b/w.

• Full line of paper handling accessories such as finishers and large capacity paper supplies.

• E-filing standard with up to 200 private boxes and up to 100 folders per box accessible from the e-bridge control panel.

• Connectors for important software such as Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and Google Docs.

• Security features such as encrypted hard drives and various authentication protocols.

• Eye popping color with a new LED array replacing the complex and expensive to replace laser assembly.

• New, smaller footprint, lighter design for convenient machine placement, more energy efficient, and much quieter operation.

Color multi-functionals continue to improve rapidly with each succeeding generation, and the cost per print of color images keeps coming down. Toshiba has been on the forefront of this industry, and this is the 5th generation of product. E-mail me Brad Burns Pres. Of PCCI today at I’ll arrange for one of our highly trained representatives to help you evaluate your needs and suggest the right product from our color lineup.

When we meet we’ll also briefly explain how PCCI can save you a ton by lowering the cost per print on your laser printer fleet.


Toshiba 5055C

 Toshiba e-studio 5055C Color MFD

Kyocera AirPrint Enabled Printers Now Available

PCCI announces that Kyocera now offers laser printers that can print directly from Apple I-phones and tablets. If you have I-phone users within your operation the benefits of this technology are huge, and Kyocera Ecosys printers have the lowest operating cost in the marketplace.

Also, at the same time, Kyocera introduced KX Driver 6.0, a universal driver that will work across all current Kyocera products. The KX driver features a very intuitive feel, and allows saving Profiles of several common special print configurations – such as long-edge duplexing or private print – for one touch selection.

Contact us today  for more information on these cutting edge advancements.



PCCI Copier IT Support

PCCI is a local company with the uncommon ability to really help end users get the most out of digital printing and multi-functional products. The core of this ability stems from having not one technician who does most of the network connection, but a group of six technicians among our copier service force who all have considerable history and expertise in interfacing copiers/printers with PC networks both Microsoft and Apple based.

In addition to these copier/IT specialists, PCCI has a complete IT department that sells and supports Microsoft based PC networks. If we have an unusually difficult problem they are there to assist. In fact we have many customers today where PCCI supports not only their copiers and laser printers, but also supports their entire computer network complete with our N-Able remote monitoring program.

We constantly see machines placed in the field that do not operate properly because they were not set up correctly on the network. We also see competitor’s placements where the machines are not living up to their ability because the prescribed firmware updates have not been done by the technicians. PCCI technicians perform these right in the customers office by interfacing the machine with a laptop connected to the web.

If you want to get the most out of the digital features of your next copier please give us a call for a free consultation.




Kyocera Scanning Solutions

Introducing Kyocera High Point and High Point Advanced HyPass applications. With Kyocera High Point your Kyocera multi-functional device allows you to authenticate yourself as an authorized user through the active directory and scan documents easily to any subfolder within the network home folder.

With High Point Advanced you can also browse the home folder and sub-folders through the large screen on the Kyocera MFD, and print your choice of the documents you have selected – all while standing at the MFD. This can all be accomplished from the control panel of any High Point powered device on the network. Until now document management solutions like High Point have required additional hardware to interface with the copier that is expensive to buy and maintain, and complex to operate. High Point is free with the Kyocera MDF, and High Point Advanced carries a full retail price of just $242. If you have advanced scanning needs Kyocera High Point is a hard system to beat.


Cash For Color

Toshiba has announced a Cash for Color Promotion with rebates running between $500 and $1,500 for Toshiba color copiers – muti-functional devices – leased through Toshiba Financial Services. Contact me today for the details: .



PCCI is a dealer for Square 9 DMS software


PCCI is now an authorized dealer for Square 9 document management software. Square 9 is reasonably priced, designed to be user friendly, and can be used to automate a broad spectrum of business process and document archiving applications. For more information on Square 9 in Southern Maine contact Charlie Pasquerillo at , and in Central and Eastern Maine contact contact Dean Parent at .