All New Kyocera Printer and Copier Product Lineup!

Kyocera has recently upgraded its entire Ecosys and Taskalfa printer and copier lines in both monochrome and full color. Speeds range from 21pages per minute up to 80, and the new, smaller footprint, designs feature many innovative features and all the latest technology.

Kyocera has chosen the HyPass brand name for its suite of over 60 various applications including advanced scan, file, search and retrieve software as well as specialized options such as test scoring for schools. Many of the new units feature popular conveniences such as Apple Print and Google Cloud Print as well as WiFi direct and NFC support for Android mobile devices.

Also included is the unique Kyocera Fleet Services platform. With KFS supply levels are monitored and reported through the internet for direct shipment in advance of running low.  Meter readings for per print billing are also accurately reported, and many service adjustments can be made to the hardware remotely to help cut down on technical visits.  The supply level monitoring and meter readings – but not service adjustments – were formerly available through software utilities that required installation on the client’s network server.  KFS eliminates this need as the software to perform the various tasks is completely housed within the copier/printer device.

Basic copy and print functions have been significantly advanced with higher resolution color, a wide range of dual scan document feeders, optional, personalized, mailbox bins, and large, easy to read and use full-color, touch-type flat screens.

Prices on the new line-up are at groundbreaking low levels. For example the new Kyocera 5221cdw full color multifunctional printer is available for only $1,245 at Kyocera Document Solutions Maine.  The heavy-duty, 60 page per minute 6052ci that can scan 180 originals per minute, print the first page in just 3.4 seconds, has 1,200 X 1,200 dpi print resolution, can produce full color for under $.04 per page, is only 23” wide and weighs just 202 pounds.  That’s about half the size that machines of this horsepower were just a few years ago, and, the 6052ci can be leased for as little as $173 per month!





Taskalfa 6052ci

Sale on new A4 color products from Kyocera

Sale on new A4 color products from Kyocera.

This blog has talked a lot about the advancement of A4 products. A4 units are physically smaller machines that run paper the long way accommodating a maximum width of 8 ½ inches compared to 11” on A3 machines.  The big application years ago was 11X17 for spreadsheets and computer printouts.  Increasingly large format documents like that are disappearing, and with them is going the need for larger, heavier copiers and printers to accommodate them.

Kyocera has what may be the most advanced A4 lineup in the industry, and at the pinnacle of that lineup are the new Taskalfa 406/356/306ci color multi-functional devices. These machines are as fast as 42 ppm with a first copy of just 5.8 seconds and simultaneous, dual-sided scanning of up to 120 images per minute.  Big copier features like large capacity paper supplies, finishers and multi-bin mailboxes are available.

The 406ci and 356ci offer 7” color touch screens that connect to the full array of Kyocera HyPass applications like Pin Point Scan and DMS link. The units also feature a wide range of compatibility with virtually all modern communications platforms such as Apple Air Print and offer searchable PDF and OCR capability.  The budget minded will like the 306ci which features the same printing and finishing capabilities at a slightly reduced speed, but is also less expensive because of scaled down scanning and connectivity applications.

Perhaps best of all the new 406/356/306ci family are priced at nearly 40% less than comparable speed A3 models. To get a quote or learn more click Request A Quote in the menu bar above.

Kyocera Document Solutions acquires PCCI

On March 1 Portland Computer Copy Inc. PCCI was acquired by Kyocera Document Solutions America “KDA.”  Brad Burns will remain as president of the new company.    Burns said that “I believe that this is the best possible ownership evolution for PCCI’s employees and customers.  As we look at not only the current state of the copier and laser printer industry, but also its most likely future, we view Kyocera as perhaps the single best positioned company to do well.”  Jason Burns and John Orr, the other stockholders of PCCI will also remain with the new company.      

Burns said that Kyocera is interested in all of PCCI’s businesses including CyberCopy and our IT support business which they plan to aggressively expand.  Kyocera was especially desirous of PCCI’s network of successful locations with offices in Bangor, Augusta, and Portsmouth, NH, anchored by a hub in the vibrant marketplace of greater Portland.  Our goal is simple, said Burns, we plan to make Kyocera Document Solutions Maine the clear market share leader throughout our area. 

In today’s copier and laser printer industry the ability to expertly interface our print technology with the client’s network is key.  Kyocera excels in this area, and as a factory direct operation PCCI’s access to   technical support will be unsurpassed.  Kyocera offers a focused assortment of document and information management applications to go with its equipment with special emphasis on document scanning, storage and retrieval as well as interfaces with various cloud based applications.  New generation equipment from Kyocera just now entering the marketplace will feature increased ability to be maintained remotely through network connections instead of relying solely on the physical presence of technicians.  This will increase up time and lower client cost per print.

Kyocera has approximately 14 billion dollars in annual sales and employees 65,000 people around the world.  Sales are fairly even spread between Asia, the Americas, and Europe. 



PCCI Wins Kyocera Service Department Award

The link below is to a letter sent to Portland Computer Copy Inc. by Kyocera officials presenting our company with the Service Solutions Provider Award.  This award takes into account PCCI’s demonstrated technical ability, level of training, and responsiveness to customer service needs for the servicing of laser printers and multi functional copiers.  Only an elite portion of Kyocera’s dealers qualify for this award.  Why settle for less?


PCCI Receives Kyocera Training on Document Scanning Solutions

The ability to efficiently scan documents whether as part of a work flow process or just the archiving of hard-copy contracts and forms is one of today’s most important considerations for most multi-functional copier buyers.  Document scanning comes up constantly in the sales consultation process, and PCCI’s representatives can never be too knowledgeable about it.  So recently, when Kyocera’s regional trainer offered a one-day seminar in our Portland office to present their latest copier-based scanning solutions, we were quick to accept.

Even without the optional applications both Kyocera and Toshiba alike offer standard scanning solutions designed to interface with any network folder(s) and/or e-mail address (s) with ease.  Our Technicians have the ability to create paths for scanning to a folder anywhere on the network and have the ability to attach a document to an e-mail which can then be forwarded to other e-mail addresses.  Simple to use one touch features and shortcuts make this process easier than ever.  Files can even be named through the standard interface and be converted into many different file types.

For people with more advanced needs Kyocera offers several Advanced Scanning Solutions which can provide the client with the ability to search through a directory and scan the document exactly where it needs to go, allow the end user to create a folder on the fly, name the document or folder and convert to a Microsoft Word, Excel or Searchable PDF (OCR) allowing for easy retrieval of documents in the future.  These processes eliminate the need for users to scan to a direct folder path or e-mail, save it to the proper location, rename it and use other software to convert to Microsoft Word, Excel or Searchable PDF (OCR) at their desktops.  With a few easy steps everything is done before the end user gets back to their desk, with every task completed at the multi-functional copier.

The Solutions:

Pin Point Scan is a solution that is designed for either MAC or Windows users without a Windows Server (commonly referred to as a peer to peer network).  Because the multifunctional copier connects directly to the MAC or PC using a simple PIN number set up is a cinch and each user can customize their Pin Point Desktop.  Options like scanning to e-mail and/or folder are made simple and easy.

DMS Link is a Document Management Software that can be tailored to whatever processes our client’s desire.  It will not only allow you to scan to a folder, but to the folder and sub folders beneath, opening up an entire network shared drive to the multifunctional copier.  In addition to allowing the placement of a file virtually wherever you want, end users standing at the multifunctional copier can create a new folder that will appear on the network.  Once a destination has been chosen DMS Link will then ask for input for the valuable Meta data within the document, information that will prove critical in the retrieval of the document later.  This can be done using the copier display key pad, an optional keyboard, or through a drop down menu.  These lists, dates and naming conventions are fully customizable to the client’s requirements.  After the destination for the document has been chosen and the name of the file (including valuable Meta data) is selected the document is then converted into a Text based PDF (also known as a searchable PDF file).  This type of file allows users to search criteria within the document so that a document can be found anywhere on the network by simply typing in key words that are contained within that document.  DMS link combines with a standard windows folder system to create a document storage and filing solution that will do the job for many users that might otherwise have been forced to buy an expensive and complex proprietary package.





PCCI Named Kyocera Premier Dealer


Portland Computer Copy Inc. is proud to announce that it has been named one of Kyocera’s premier dealers for the Japanese business year ended 3/31/2015.  The award is based on sales volume and also requires good standing for service support. Only 40 or about 10% from among Kyocera dealers qualify.  Earning this award is especially noteworthy for a Maine company because PCCI is also a very substantial dealer for Toshiba digital copiers in the same, relatively small marketplace.

Brad Burns, PCCI’s President says that his company has risen to become Maine’s largest independent dealer for copiers and laser printers because of hard work and a good understanding of how to take care of customers.  Copiers and laser printers are simply an extension of the computer network says Burns.  PCCI is also a Microsoft solutions provider, and offers customers complete IT services including network monitoring.  We can help a customer get the most out of the multifunctional capabilities of these machines that not only copy, but serve as network print, scan and fax devices.

We combine our knowledge of the Microsoft operating system with rapid service response by a very seasoned technical force, and we deliver all this at a reasonable price.  The national vendors are competitive if you are a huge school department with 100 large machines, but in the down-the-street marketplace that Maine is largely comprised of, PCCI is usually hands-down the least expensive choice.

Whether you just want a small, multi-functional desktop unit, or you are looking for a managed print services “MPS” proposal for an enterprise level installation, PCCI is ready to take care of your needs.

KYOCERA Document Solutions wins 10 Buyers Labratory Winter Awards

January 26, 2015 – Kyocera announced today that they had won 10 Buyers Laboratory Inc. awards for their multi-functional or digital copier machines.  Kyocera copiers were complimented for their unprecedented reliability, exceptional color copy quality, and responsible environmental features.  These awards have rigorous criteria, and are highly coveted within the industry.

During the extensive testing special mention was also made of Kyocera’s Hypass software development platform which accommodates an extensive number of business applications including advanced scanning utilities like DMS Link and Pin Point Scan, as well as Kyocera developed connectors to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

Outstanding Multifunctional Devices

“Kyocera delivered a remarkable performance this Pick season, taking home wins in nearly every copier category for mid to high volume in both monochrome and color”, said Pete Emory, Buyer’s Lab Inc. director of laboratory testing.

Here are the winning monochrome and color copy machines and multifunctional products

TASKalfa 8001i  Outstanding 71-80 ppm monochrome digital copier MFP

TASKalfa 3510i   Outstanding 31-40 ppm monochrome MFP

TASKalfa 3010i   Outstanding 21-30 ppm monochrome MFP

TASKalfa 7551ci  Outstanding 71-80 ppm color digital copier MFP

TASKalfa 6551ci  Outstanding 61-70 ppm color digital copier MFP

TASKalfa 3551ci  Outstanding 31-40 ppm A3 color MFP

ECOSYS M3550idn  Outstanding A4 (non 11×17) monochrome digital copier MFP

ECOSYS M3550idn  Outstanding achievement in energy efficiency

ECOSYS M3550idn  Outstanding achievement in energy efficiency

ECOSYS M3550idn  Outstanding achievement in energy efficiency

Portland Computer Copy Inc. “PCCI” sells and supports the complete line of Kyocera copiers, MFPs, printers, and software solutions from its offices in Bangor, Augusta, and Portland, Maine, as well as Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Portland Computer Copy Inc. president, Brad Burns, said that Kyocera offered one of the most attractive values in the industry, and that the low cost per page of Kyocera copiers and laser printers combined with their universal print drivers made them a very attractive option for many customers.




Portland Computer Copy a Maine Leader in Document Management Solutions

Many PCCI clients from all over Maine choose PCCI because of our company’s familiarity with copier IT applications such as the array of Document Management Solutions by both Kyocera and Toshiba now available from our Portland, Augusta and Bangor offices.
Kyocera Hy Pass business applications provide a host of low cost scanning enhancements. One of the most cost effective document management systems is Kyocera’s DMS Link which scans to a simple Windows folder system. The user is given the ability to browse a Windows file directory and select the appropriate folder destination. While the default system of file naming automatically uses the date and time, DMS Link has an option that allows for creating custom file names instead. Also, while the default setting creates a standard PDF file, DMS link has built in OCR capabilities and can create searchable PDF files so that the files can be searched by key words. PCCI’s knowledgeable technicians have the IT savvy to help you set up a system like this as part of the copier installation process. A similar software, Drive Image is available for either Toshiba or Kyocera equipment and can do essentially the same things. Both of these electronic filing systems can function as simple and cost effective document management systems.
Kyocera copiers or multi-functional devices that will handle these document management or electronic filing applications are available at all levels of the product line. Hy Pass enabled units start with our smaller A4 units that offer black and white as well as color printing and utilize large, easy to read, touch panel screens for the greatest ease of use. The Kyocera product line then goes all the way up to 80 page per minute high volume models.

The move in digital copiers to A-4 and apps!

The move in digital copiers to A-4 and apps!M3560idn

At Kyocera’s national dealer meeting during April 2014 the buzz was all about A-4 digital copier-printer- scanner- network fax devices, and how these units are taking over in more and more accounts for the legacy-styled A-3 or 11X17 machines.  As an example of the new technology Kyocera unveiled the new Ecosys 3560idn, a 62 print per minute network multifunctional device with a tiny footprint, color touch screen control panel, and apps…

Yes, after years of talking about “solutions” Kyocera understands that the term apps is the real winner.  Apps and solutions mean the same thing anyway, but the public is familiar with the term apps.  To go with your new A-4 product Kyocera offers a wide range of either free or very inexpensive apps such as Air Print to print from your I-phone or any of the library of Kyocera Hypass business applications including the very popular DMS Link scanning and work flow organizer that provides an entry level document management system.

There are still many users that are more familiar with the roomier A-3 machines which feed paper the wide way, but in Portland Computer Copy’s sales and service offices in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor Maine we find many customers that now want the smaller, quieter, and much less expensive A-4 type units.

It’s All About IT Savvy

Increasingly, the fact that Portland Computer Copy is a full service IT company gives many customers faith in our ability to support their copiers and printers on their PC network.  Users of multi-functional devices recognize that these devices are simply part of today’s network, and that they must be properly set up and maintained to give you the performance they are capable of.

Portland Computer Copy sells and services Dell PCs and servers along with providing Microsoft based network support and N-Able remote network monitoring.  We are exceptionally capable at helping you get the most from your networked laser printer or multi-functional device.  If you are an IT professional yourself, you will find a number of qualified Microsoft and Apple technicians at Portland Computer Copy who you will be able to communicate with directly.

Call or E-mail Portland Computer Copy

If it is time to upgrade any of your copiers, network printers, or even your computer network, why not give Portland Computer Copy a chance to give you a free consultation and a quote – see request a quote on home page.  We’re confident that you’ll like what you hear.




Maine Central Institute Chooses PCCI

Maine Central Institute “MCI” recently replaced 14 moderate to high volume laser printers with Kyocera 4200 and 4300DN laser printers covered under a completely comprehensive managed print services agreement.  The placements were secured by the sales team from our Bangor Computer Copy Inc.  Bangor Computer Copy and Augusta Computer Copy Inc. are the Bangor and Augusta sales and service offices of PCCI.  The machines are monitored by PCCI’s Safe Haven monitoring system that utilizes FM Audit software hosted and monitored state-wide from offices in Portland, Maine.   MCI, located in Pittsfield, will be serviced by technicians from the Bangor Computer Copy and Augusta Computer Copy offices of PCCI.

According to Jason Burns, Vice President of Technical Services for PCCI, there were several keys to securing this installation:

  • The Kyocera units operate with service and supplies included in this managed print services agreement for less than $.01 per impression.  Virtually no competitive units running on OEM supplies can match this cost per print.  At a volume of over 100,000 impressions a month the cost per print is critical.
  • Bangor Computer Copy representatives were able to provide Print Manager Software that allows MCI’s IT Network Administrator to track and establish limits on prints from Windows, Mac OS PC’s as well as iPad users. Cost per print can also be set allowing tracking the total cost either by the user or the department making the prints. Print Manager Software also provides the Network Administrator with comprehensive reports and useful real time information on the status of the equipment.
  • PCCI’s locally monitored Safe Haven print device monitoring system sends the client replacement toner cartridges when the cartridge in the machine reaches a 35% remaining capacity.   This assures that the user will have toner on hand when needed without the task of physically monitoring inventories and/or investing in a large volume of on hand supply items.

PCCI salutes Jennifer Watson MCI’s Director of IT Services for her forward looking attitude towards print management, said Jason Burns.  Jennifer received her IT education from Thomas College’s Information Technology Program.  Thomas College itself is a PCCI client, and Jason went on to say that we see graduates of that program at a number of central Maine businesses including Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Skowhegan Savings Bank.  It is good to see a Maine college graduating students to fill a definite need in the business community.