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Kyocera Document Solutions acquires PCCI

On March 1 Portland Computer Copy Inc. PCCI was acquired by Kyocera Document Solutions America “KDA.”  Brad Burns will remain as president of the new company.    Burns said that “I believe that this is the best possible ownership evolution for PCCI’s employees and customers.  As we look at not only the current state of the copier and laser printer industry, but also its most likely future, we view Kyocera as perhaps the single best positioned company to do well.”  Jason Burns and John Orr, the other stockholders of PCCI will also remain with the new company.      

Burns said that Kyocera is interested in all of PCCI’s businesses including CyberCopy and our IT support business which they plan to aggressively expand.  Kyocera was especially desirous of PCCI’s network of successful locations with offices in Bangor, Augusta, and Portsmouth, NH, anchored by a hub in the vibrant marketplace of greater Portland.  Our goal is simple, said Burns, we plan to make Kyocera Document Solutions Maine the clear market share leader throughout our area. 

In today’s copier and laser printer industry the ability to expertly interface our print technology with the client’s network is key.  Kyocera excels in this area, and as a factory direct operation PCCI’s access to   technical support will be unsurpassed.  Kyocera offers a focused assortment of document and information management applications to go with its equipment with special emphasis on document scanning, storage and retrieval as well as interfaces with various cloud based applications.  New generation equipment from Kyocera just now entering the marketplace will feature increased ability to be maintained remotely through network connections instead of relying solely on the physical presence of technicians.  This will increase up time and lower client cost per print.

Kyocera has approximately 14 billion dollars in annual sales and employees 65,000 people around the world.  Sales are fairly even spread between Asia, the Americas, and Europe.