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PCCI Receives Kyocera Training on Document Scanning Solutions

The ability to efficiently scan documents whether as part of a work flow process or just the archiving of hard-copy contracts and forms is one of today’s most important considerations for most multi-functional copier buyers.  Document scanning comes up constantly in the sales consultation process, and PCCI’s representatives can never be too knowledgeable about it.  So recently, when Kyocera’s regional trainer offered a one-day seminar in our Portland office to present their latest copier-based scanning solutions, we were quick to accept.

Even without the optional applications both Kyocera and Toshiba alike offer standard scanning solutions designed to interface with any network folder(s) and/or e-mail address (s) with ease.  Our Technicians have the ability to create paths for scanning to a folder anywhere on the network and have the ability to attach a document to an e-mail which can then be forwarded to other e-mail addresses.  Simple to use one touch features and shortcuts make this process easier than ever.  Files can even be named through the standard interface and be converted into many different file types.

For people with more advanced needs Kyocera offers several Advanced Scanning Solutions which can provide the client with the ability to search through a directory and scan the document exactly where it needs to go, allow the end user to create a folder on the fly, name the document or folder and convert to a Microsoft Word, Excel or Searchable PDF (OCR) allowing for easy retrieval of documents in the future.  These processes eliminate the need for users to scan to a direct folder path or e-mail, save it to the proper location, rename it and use other software to convert to Microsoft Word, Excel or Searchable PDF (OCR) at their desktops.  With a few easy steps everything is done before the end user gets back to their desk, with every task completed at the multi-functional copier.

The Solutions:

Pin Point Scan is a solution that is designed for either MAC or Windows users without a Windows Server (commonly referred to as a peer to peer network).  Because the multifunctional copier connects directly to the MAC or PC using a simple PIN number set up is a cinch and each user can customize their Pin Point Desktop.  Options like scanning to e-mail and/or folder are made simple and easy.

DMS Link is a Document Management Software that can be tailored to whatever processes our client’s desire.  It will not only allow you to scan to a folder, but to the folder and sub folders beneath, opening up an entire network shared drive to the multifunctional copier.  In addition to allowing the placement of a file virtually wherever you want, end users standing at the multifunctional copier can create a new folder that will appear on the network.  Once a destination has been chosen DMS Link will then ask for input for the valuable Meta data within the document, information that will prove critical in the retrieval of the document later.  This can be done using the copier display key pad, an optional keyboard, or through a drop down menu.  These lists, dates and naming conventions are fully customizable to the client’s requirements.  After the destination for the document has been chosen and the name of the file (including valuable Meta data) is selected the document is then converted into a Text based PDF (also known as a searchable PDF file).  This type of file allows users to search criteria within the document so that a document can be found anywhere on the network by simply typing in key words that are contained within that document.  DMS link combines with a standard windows folder system to create a document storage and filing solution that will do the job for many users that might otherwise have been forced to buy an expensive and complex proprietary package.