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The move in digital copiers to A-4 and apps!

The move in digital copiers to A-4 and apps!M3560idn

At Kyocera’s national dealer meeting during April 2014 the buzz was all about A-4 digital copier-printer- scanner- network fax devices, and how these units are taking over in more and more accounts for the legacy-styled A-3 or 11X17 machines.  As an example of the new technology Kyocera unveiled the new Ecosys 3560idn, a 62 print per minute network multifunctional device with a tiny footprint, color touch screen control panel, and apps…

Yes, after years of talking about “solutions” Kyocera understands that the term apps is the real winner.  Apps and solutions mean the same thing anyway, but the public is familiar with the term apps.  To go with your new A-4 product Kyocera offers a wide range of either free or very inexpensive apps such as Air Print to print from your I-phone or any of the library of Kyocera Hypass business applications including the very popular DMS Link scanning and work flow organizer that provides an entry level document management system.

There are still many users that are more familiar with the roomier A-3 machines which feed paper the wide way, but in Portland Computer Copy’s sales and service offices in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor Maine we find many customers that now want the smaller, quieter, and much less expensive A-4 type units.

It’s All About IT Savvy

Increasingly, the fact that Portland Computer Copy is a full service IT company gives many customers faith in our ability to support their copiers and printers on their PC network.  Users of multi-functional devices recognize that these devices are simply part of today’s network, and that they must be properly set up and maintained to give you the performance they are capable of.

Portland Computer Copy sells and services Dell PCs and servers along with providing Microsoft based network support and N-Able remote network monitoring.  We are exceptionally capable at helping you get the most from your networked laser printer or multi-functional device.  If you are an IT professional yourself, you will find a number of qualified Microsoft and Apple technicians at Portland Computer Copy who you will be able to communicate with directly.

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If it is time to upgrade any of your copiers, network printers, or even your computer network, why not give Portland Computer Copy a chance to give you a free consultation and a quote – see request a quote on home page.  We’re confident that you’ll like what you hear.