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Record Year for PCCI


In the middle of November PCCI’s annual sales for 2013 surpassed the previous record sales year of 2012.  In fact sales have grown in excess of 10% annually since the beginning of the recession in 2008 said Brad Burns, President of PCCI.

Part of that growth has come from increased market share from our Augusta and Bangor offices, Augusta Computer Copy Inc. and Bangor Computer Copy Inc..  Additionally, said Burns, I think there several things about PCCI that many customers like.  First, we are a Maine owned and managed business.  We are the only one in the state maintaining offices in all three major locations along the interstate corridor.  Many people like doing business with a Maine company, and while we may not be sponsoring any national sporting events we donate to every not-for-profit organization among the great many in our customer base.  Over the total range of Augusta Computer Copy Inc. Bangor Computer Copy Inc. and Portland Computer Copy Inc. our service response in the field has been coming in consistently at well under 4 hours every month for nearly 10 years.

Also, PCCI recognizes that copiers are just another print device on the network.  We offer support for all the print devices as well as for the PC network itself.  For many customers we are a one stop source for both IT services and print devices.  PCCI is now well known among Maine businesses for its ability to interface digital print, copy, and scan devices with the computer network.

PCCI offers the lowest pricing available to users of all levels.  Some of our national competitors, says Burns, offer loss leader prices to large institutions, but they are usually quite expensive when quoting to normal scale businesses and not for profit organizations.  It is rare on a piece of down the street business when PCCI is not among the most aggressive price quotes received.  We’ve been working at our game a long time, said Burns, and we operate with no debts.  Writing more business is our return on investment.