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PCCI Copier IT Support

PCCI is a local company with the uncommon ability to really help end users get the most out of digital printing and multi-functional products. The core of this ability stems from having not one technician who does most of the network connection, but a group of six technicians among our copier service force who all have considerable history and expertise in interfacing copiers/printers with PC networks both Microsoft and Apple based.

In addition to these copier/IT specialists, PCCI has a complete IT department that sells and supports Microsoft based PC networks. If we have an unusually difficult problem they are there to assist. In fact we have many customers today where PCCI supports not only their copiers and laser printers, but also supports their entire computer network complete with our N-Able remote monitoring program.

We constantly see machines placed in the field that do not operate properly because they were not set up correctly on the network. We also see competitor’s placements where the machines are not living up to their ability because the prescribed firmware updates have not been done by the technicians. PCCI technicians perform these right in the customers office by interfacing the machine with a laptop connected to the web.

If you want to get the most out of the digital features of your next copier please give us a call for a free consultation.