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Kyocera Scanning Solutions

Introducing Kyocera High Point and High Point Advanced HyPass applications. With Kyocera High Point your Kyocera multi-functional device allows you to authenticate yourself as an authorized user through the active directory and scan documents easily to any subfolder within the network home folder.

With High Point Advanced you can also browse the home folder and sub-folders through the large screen on the Kyocera MFD, and print your choice of the documents you have selected – all while standing at the MFD. This can all be accomplished from the control panel of any High Point powered device on the network. Until now document management solutions like High Point have required additional hardware to interface with the copier that is expensive to buy and maintain, and complex to operate. High Point is free with the Kyocera MDF, and High Point Advanced carries a full retail price of just $242. If you have advanced scanning needs Kyocera High Point is a hard system to beat.